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The Paladin Political Group is a full service political consulting firm with experience in paid media, direct mail, online advertising, voter contact, grassroots engagement and general consulting services.

After years of working on campaigns ranging from local school board to the Presidential level, The Paladin Political Group strives to cut costs for candidates. Paladin prides itself on competitive pricing for quality work. With our background managing budgets for large projects, we have developed relationships with media placement vendors, print shops, and mail houses. These relationships and the commitment to voter engagement and grassroots activism gives Paladin our market edge—fair pricing, data-driven sound strategic advice, and a respect for grassroots voter to voter activation.

Meet our Principals

Dave Seman

Dave Seman has over a decade of political and campaign experience working throughout the US and the world.  Dave started managing statewide campaigns at the age of 23, winning a hard fought Michigan Democratic Primary for Attorney General.

Since then Dave has worked in City government, managed voter registration drives, managed multiple state operations for President Obama’s campaign and Organizing for America, managed state coordinated efforts, and built a track record for success at many levels of campaigns and campaign consulting.

Dave has campaigned on 3 continents, and brings a unique set of experience with him in his efforts. Dave created Paladin as a place for political junkies to come together with creative solutions to make campaigns and government more efficient. Dave is a firm believer in progressive causes and prides himself on the clients he has pitched sharing those values.

Dave is Managing Principal at Paladin, focusing on grassroots lobbying, earned media, and direct mail.


Team Paladin

Our team is rounded out by a group of diverse professionals who each have an average of over 20 years of experience in politics, public affairs, government and communications.   

What does our rapid response team mean to you? It allows us to bring into the fold issues experts and design specialists at a moments notice based on our clients and campaigns.