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Whether it is a local school board race, or a state-wide race, The Paladin Political Group has the experience – and the receipts – to move your undecideds, unfavorables, and unknowns on election day.

Utilizing comprehensive poll analysis, in-person focus groups, or the political acumen from decades of experience across our team – we know how to get the right design and the right message into the hands of voters.

The Paladin Political Group works directly with candidates and with independent expenditures supporting candidates across the country.

CASE STUDY: Read more about our work electing Deb Conroy as DuPage County Board Chair.


It’s not just about candidates – we work on ballot initiatives across the country.  From defeating a sales tax increase through a proposed Home Rule Referendum to stopping a back door property tax increase in Chicago, we have the chops to move your voters in the right (not THAT right) direction.


The Paladin Political Group has worked with every level of government.  From over 500,000 mailings in four languages from the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic to ward wide constituent mailings – we can help you make the connections you need to get the message you want to residents.  

CASE STUDY: Read more about our work with the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services.