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Deb Conroy

direct mail

 When we began this campaign, Rep Conroy had a favorable rating of 17 percent in the polls with 73 percent saying they were unable to rate her, despite her being a current State Representative.  The campaign started out with a massive hurdle to increase name recognition quickly.

digital advertising

We together a robust mail plan and digital advertising plan to:

-Boost name recall by introducing Deb Conroy as an engaged local leader with a track record of working on behalf of the voter.

-Highlight the differences between Conroy and Hart

-Focus on the issues voters care most about as reflected in the poll.

gotv and grassroots engagement 

Despite being outspent 2:1, Conroy made history being elected the first woman as Dupage County Board Chair.  


Initial Name Recognition and Support

Outspent by Opposition


Increase in support after messaging